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  • 1. Do I Need a Lawyer If I am in an Auto Accident?
    Insurance agencies have a group of lawyers working for them and could be hired for their best interest at law, and you have the privilege and rights to hire an attorney to protect you in the court of law. It is vital to remember that whatever you tell your insurance agency or one more party's insurance agency, can be utilized against you later on, regardless of whether you are at fault or not.
  • 2. In A Car Accident, I Want To Make Sure My Car Repairs Are Done Quickly And Correctly, But How?"
    The most effective way is to take many quality photos of all vehicles included right away and to quickly take the vehicle to a body shop willingly that is dependable and legitimate. Opening the case with the insurance agency is the initial move towards getting your vehicle fixed. Nonetheless, prior to talking with anybody or opening your case, you ought to seek counsel from a law firm like QueenB Lawyer. QueenB Lawyer can handle the process of repairing your vehicle with your insurance company.
  • 3. Can I Get A Rental Car While My Car Is Being Repaired?
    Indeed. In many cases, we rapidly sort out a rental vehicle for you so you can continue ahead with your ordinary exercises, and we ensure you get the vehicle you need.
  • 4. Do I Have To Pay In Advance For An Attorney?
    NO! Debora Law does not get paid unless the Insurance Company pays you! This intends that on the off chance that Debora Law doesn't get you some financial recuperation, you won't owe us any charges. That's all there is to it. No cash forthright, and no hourly expenses. This arrangement permits Debora Law to forcefully battle for the greatest recuperation for yourself as well as your friends and family. Regardless of how lengthy the case takes, we will be there to protect your rights.
  • 5. I Can’t Travel To Your Office, What Should I Do?"
    Don't worry about it. QueenB Lawyer can travel to you. This is obviously notwithstanding free and classified meetings. There is positively no extra expense or charge for this help.
  • 6. I Don’t Have Health Insurance Or Money To Pay For A Doctor, But I’m Hurt And Need To See Someone. What Should I Do?"
    Your health always come first! If you are injured and seek immediate medical attention you must visit your local emergency room. In any case, assuming that your wounds are steady and non-perilous, Debora Law can furnish you with admittance to the best specialists and clinical offices in your nearby area, regardless of whether you have health care coverage or cash to pay forthright. Debora Law's organization of specialists comprehend that your wellbeing what is unquestionably significant, and they additionally realize that they need to hold on until your case is set out to be covered for their bills. As a result of our law office's great standing, you will be connected with clinical offices and specialists who are adaptable and mindful.
  • 7. Can I Get A Free And No-Obligation Consultation?
    Indeed! No commitment and free meetings are accessible all of the time. Simply call (818) 861-6555 for a free consultation.
  • 8. I Lost A Few Days From Work Because Of My Accident. Could I Get Reimbursed For That?
    Yes. On the off chance that you have lost income or have lost the capacity to bring in cash in the future because of your mishap, Debora Law will battle forcefully to get all of the financial losses rewarded back to you. The law is extremely clear, and Debora Law has resources to ensure there is documentation of information to assess your deficiency of work guarantee appropriately. This is notwithstanding your physical issue guarantee and property harm guarantee.
  • 9. Can Dash-Cam Footage Be Used As Evidence In A Case?
    The straightforward response is yes. The recordings recorded by a dashcam can be utilized as proof in the examination of fender benders. Remember that the recordings recorded can be utilized to help the proprietor of the dashcam and can likewise be utilized against them. The scramble camera can catch subtleties you may not recollect about the occurrence. The recorded video can assist with proving your innocence.
  • 10. How Soon Should I See A Doctor And Personal Injury Attorney After An Auto Accident?
    Assuming you are seriously harmed on the site of the accident, it is best to seek medical treatment if you do not feel okay. If you need to go to the emergency it is okay to do so. If you were able to walk away from the scene of the accident it doesn't mean you were not harmed in the accident. It is crucial to see a specialist to be certain that you experienced no dormant wounds. Past the clinical worries, there are additionally legitimate motivations to see a specialist straightaway.
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